Where to Land

Durango County Airport (KDRO)

With a 9200' runway at 6685' MSL, fuel and car rentals, you can't go wrong at Durango County Airport.  An alternative that is closer to town is Animas Airpark (00C) which sometimes has cheaper fuel, but a shorter 5010' runway.  Our experience at Durango airport was fantastic.  Good people and a nice pilot lounge.

As with all Mooney adventures, getting there is half the fun.  If you are coming from the west, consider flying the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Make sure you have the Grand Canyon Aeronautical Chart to plan your flight.  East of the Grand Canyon you will fly just north of Canyon de Chelly still in Arizona, and then directly over Shiprock, an impressive rock formation towering out of the desert floor.  After Shiprock you make a slight turn to the north just about over Farmington, NM (the Four Corners area) and start your gentle descent into Durango.  The entire trip can be comfortably made at 9500'.