Where to Land

Page Municipal Airport (KPGA)

With a 5950' runway at 4316' MSL, fuel and car rentals, you can't go wrong at Page Municipal Airport.  We utilized the services of Classic Aviation while we were there and found them to be exceptional.  They also supported us big time for our VMG Fly-in at Page in October of 2009.

As with all Mooney adventures, getting there is half the fun.  If you are coming from the west, consider flying along the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  It is a most excellent view.  For the most part, fly direct from KHND (Henderson) to KPGA (Page) and cheat a little to the south for some wonderful views.  Make sure you have a Grand Canyon chart so that you remain clear of their airspace.  If you want a route with a road nearby, then fly KHND-67L-KPGA.  You'll still get some wonderful views, catch a little of Zion National Park to the north and east of St. George.