What to Do

There are simply too many things to do in and around Page.  Here are the places that we thought were the most enjoyable.

Clearly the Glen Canyon Dam is a great place for pictures.  They have an informative Visitor Center and guided tours.  Continue past the dam and go through the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to Wahweap Marina and Restaurant.  Great views of Lake Powell.  You can also arrange for a boat tour of Lake Powell with several options ranging from 1-2 hours to all day.  Turn right onto Lake Shore Drive after crossing over the dam and follow it to Wahweap Marina.

Page abuts Lake Powell.  A must tour is the Antelope Slot Canyon Tour.  It takes a few hours and your guide is a Navajo since the slot canyon is on Navajo land.  It is beyond beautiful!  You walk through the canyon with the walls only several feet wide.  Every turn brings in another completely artistic view of sandstone carved over the millenia by water.  The shadows just accentuate the surroundings.

If you'd like to see the Grand Canyon from the ground, you can drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from Page.  It's about a 2+ hour drive but it brings you through some spectacular country.  If you want, you can also fly to Marble Canyon (L41).  You can walk through the Navajo Visitor Center, walk across the bridge, and have lunch across the street.  Follow the road to the North Rim.  It's less commercialized than the south rim and less populated making for a better experience by our measure.  If you don't have a lot of time, at least take the Bright Angel Point trail.  It is very easy and gives you stunning views of the canyon.

Monument Valley is only a short Mooney flight away.  The best airport to use is Monument Valley (UT25), also called Goulding's Lodge.  Do some flight planning for this airport.  You MUST land to the south and takeoff to the north.  There is a huge cliff just south of the airport that requires this.  It used to be part gravel and part asphalt, but now it is all asphalt.  Best to land/takeoff in the mornings and late afternoons.  Goulding's Lodge is right at the airport and has a small museum and lots of history.  If you want to stay overnight, this is the place.  From the lodge and airport, you can take tours of Monument Valley which is a must.  But since you brought your Mooney, make sure you take a morning flight over the Valley.  The sun casts the best shadows then and the air is calm and clear.  Monument Valley is a Navajo park and not a National Park.  You will be led by a Navajo guide.  If you have a car, you can drive the valley on your own, but it is a primitive road.