What to Do

Well, it goes without saying that there is no shortage of natural beauty in the St. George area.

Our first stop was Zion National Park.  This place will simply hurt your neck.  It is very vertical and very beautiful.  It's definitely a place for short and long hikes.  The most daring (not for the vertically challenged), is Angel Landing Trail.  The last .5 miles is a narrow ridge with deep dropoffs on both sides and cables to hold onto.  But what a view if you make it to the landing.

More reasonable trails include Weeping Rock and the Riverside Walk.  This goes through a narrow canyon and is beautiful.

Another park to visit is Snow Canyon State Park.  Snow Canyon suffuses the red rock with ancient lava flows.  The park is located about 11 miles northwest of St. George and is awell-kept secret.  Walk the Hidden Pinon Trail (easy) for an upclose encounter with the red rocks and beautiful canyon flora.  For the more adventurous, do the Cinder Cone trail (steep) but you end up looking down into a cinder cone and get a 360-degree panoramic view of the area.

As long as you are in the area and are willing to take a drive, you might as well visit Bryce Canyon National Park as well.  If the Grand Canyon is the "male", then Bryce Canyon is the "female", delicate and beautiful with orange/white colored hoodoos (vertical towers of rocks).  We did the Navajo Trail and it was stunning.  Early morning and late afternoon are best for temperature and also the angle of the sun for dramatic views.

Or if you prefer, take a horseback trail ride along the rim of the canyon.  We did the 4 hour ride, which was plenty for our city butts.  The trail takes you where most people never get to see.  Checkout Ruby's Horseback Rides.