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Who we are

We're simply a group of Mooney owners and enthusiasts that share a devoted passion for the most incredible aircraft of its class and category. We strongly believe that the vintage M20 Mooneys are the most incredible four-place aircraft ever manufactured. When you compare speed to economy, nothing beats the Mooney design! And remember, ALL MOONEYS ARE INVITED and ALL MOONEY LOVERS.

Why we exist

To share in the comradeship of our fellow Mooney owners. To network amongst other vintage Mooney owners. To discuss upgrades, speed mods, parts sources, AD's & SB's, as well as service centers and FBO's to maintain such fine machines.  Our main objective is to have fun and give yet another reason to fly to somewhere with others who share your love of Mooneys and flying.

Our Objective

To stage regular fly-ins at interesting locations throughout the Western USA. Our fly-in locations are determined by the Vintage Mooney Group Team Leaders. The best fly-ins are proposed and hosted by our members.  The strength of our group is the high level of participation by members.  Our fly-ins typically average 25 planes and 50 people. We typically avoid staging VMG Fly-ins at airshows and airport days as the airport and restaurants are swamped.  Due to the frequency of our fly-ins, the board will not provide entertainment outside of the actual fly-in itself. We will however post links to such activities on this web site. Please understand that the board's primary objective is to coordinate these fly-ins with Airport Administration, FBO's and Restaurants. Ultimately however, outside activities and entertainment will be at your own discretion.

Your Membership

Is absolutely free! There are no fees or dues required. If you would like to join us, simply show up at one of our upcoming fly-ins. Those of us supporting this group and coordinating our fly-ins, as well as building and maintaining this website, are doing so on a strictly voluntary basis. We're not asking for any membership fees or cash donations from anyone. We do however need to raise moderate funds. We're currently doing so by offering Vintage Mooney Group shirts and hats at our fly-ins. We will also hold various fund raising raffles on occasion, and anything else that comes to mind. Therefore if you would like to contribute financially to the group, you can do so by simply purchasing any of the VMG merchandise.

Our Motto

Keep it Cheap and Simple! Our group consists of people from all walks of life. Some young, some elder, some employed, some retired, some logged under 200 hours and some in excess of 2000 hours. We therefore want to accommodate everybody. We feel that by keeping things cheap and simple, we will also keep our membership and attendance high. On The Cheap: If you can keep fuel and oil in your plane, and spare $10 to $20 for your lunch, you're good to go! On The Simple: If you can safely fly into your home base airport, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to fly into one of our selected fly-in airports. We plan to select airports of low-traffic, basic airspace, to easily accommodate pilots of all skill levels.

Who's Welcome

Although at this point, mostly Mooney owners have attended our functions (both pre and post 201's), we want to make it clear that EVERYBODY is welcome!

VMG Area Representatives
Each geographical area of the VMG West has a representative.  Click Here if you want to host a fly-in in your area, and we'll make sure the VMG Rep for your area gets involved and works with you.  Make sure you include the airport, date, parking, and lunch arrangements as well as any other fun activities.

Past Team Leaders in the VMG

We no longer have Team Leaders, letting the group be run by its members.  In the past, we have been fortunate to have a very informal group of Team Leaders. The Vintage Mooney Group was founded by Richard Todd and Mike Mysicka.  Phil Corman, Larry Palmer, and Carl Swepston served for 7 years.  Past Team Leaders include Donn and Barbara Larson, John and Cindy Deptula, Scott McKelvey, and John Chandler.  These folks have volunteered their time and efforts in making us a successful fly-in group. Be sure to bookmark this site for future reference. All information of the Vintage Mooney Group and fly-in destinations will be posted on this website. We'll see you all at one of our upcoming fly-ins, Fly Safe!

Updated March 13, 2010